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A different organization

After a few years, and several travels, I’m finally taking some time to focus on the website. I have slightly changed the organization of the menu. It is now more centered around the regions I have been traveling and photographing and, of course, the more street inspired pictures. Instead of having only a Travel and a Street page, I have organized the pictures based on the continent where they were made. There are four new pages, Africa, America, Asia, and Europe, and also a page for Street photography.

The new organization will make it easier for me to share the photographs I have been making (and will continue to make) in different parts of the world. During the coming weeks and months, I’ll be publish photographs that have been waiting for me to take some time to edit.

The change in the organization of the website and the sharing of more photographs come together with the promise to share more stories in the blog about the different places where I have been making photographs. I want the blog to be more focused on story telling and on the experiences I live in these travels. For that reason, I also decided to rename the Blog page to Journal.

I hope you enjoy the changes. I’ll welcome you feedback.

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